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双语阅读 爱尔兰贸易 更贵的一品脱

2017-12-26来源: 经济学人浏览量:
   Cross-border trade in Ireland: A pricier pint   爱尔兰跨境贸易:更贵的一品脱   Guinness is one of many businesses that could be hitby a harder boarder.   有很多行业可能会受到强硬边境管控的影响,吉尼斯黑啤酒只是其中一种。   It might just be Ireland's most famous product.   吉尼斯黑啤酒可能是爱尔兰最著名的产品。   And indeed, the Guinness that is brewed at the St James's Gate brewery in Dublin is shipped toEurope and across the Atlantic.   事实上,在都柏林圣詹姆斯门啤酒厂酿造的吉尼斯黑啤酒都被运往欧洲和大西洋彼岸。   But first the stout is transported north, in tankers that have become known as “silver bullets”, to be canned and bottled in east Belfast before returning to Dublin for export.   但这种黑啤酒首先在那些被称为“银弹”的油轮中被运往北方,在东贝尔法斯特灌装并装瓶,然后再返回都柏林进行出口。   Diageo, the multinational company that owns Guinness, says that its silver bullets make some13,000 border crossings a year.   拥有自产吉尼斯的跨国公司帝亚吉欧发布公告说它的“银弹”一年大约跨境13000次。   The company estimates that even a short delay of 30 minutes to an hour for customs checkswould add about 100 euros($115) to the expense of each trip, costing it some 1.3m euros ayear.   公司估计即使仅仅延迟30分钟到一小时的海关检查,也会增加大约100欧元(115美元)的费用,导致每年海关检查费花费高达大约130万欧元。   If that happened, the price of Guinness might have to rise.   如果发生这种情况,吉尼斯酒的价格可能会上涨。   Guinness is not alone.   吉尼斯并不是个例。   The abolition of customs controls in 1993 and of security checks after the Good FridayAgreement in 1998 has led to the creation of what is in effect an all-island economy, withsupply chains criss-crossing the border.   由于1993年海关管制的取消和1998年“美好周五协议”之后的安检取消,产生了一个实质上的全岛经济,其边境供应链纵横交错。   Bilateral trade between Ireland and the United Kingdom is now worth over 1bn euros a week.   现在爱尔兰和英国之间的双边贸易额每周超过10亿欧元。   Most of that trade goes over the Irish Sea, but a fair amount crosses the border with NorthernIreland, especially in the agri-food sector.   大部分贸易越过了爱尔兰海,而相当多的贸易跨越了北爱尔兰边境,尤其是在农业食品领域。   The UK exports more food to Ireland than to Canada, China, Japan, Russia, Saudi Arabia and South Koreacombined.   英国出口到爱尔兰的食品比出口到加拿大、中国、日本、俄罗斯、沙特阿拉伯和韩国加起来的还要多。   Thus, besides Guinness, it is said that theingredients of Bailey's Irish Cream, another drinkowned by Diageo, travel across the border three times before being exported in bottles.   因此除了爱尔兰啤酒吉尼斯,据说里面有百利甜酒的成分也是由帝亚吉欧公司产出的,这种饮品在瓶装出口之前需要在通过边境三次。   Roughly a third of the milk from cows in Northern Ireland goes south for processing, whilemuch of Ireland's cheese goes in the opposite direction.   在北爱尔兰属于英国三分之一的奶牛产出的牛奶要运送到南边做加工处理,而大部分北爱尔兰的奶酪却是要走相反的方向。   Sheep and cows are frequently driven across the border for slaughtering.   羊和牛也经常被运送到两边的边境去屠宰。   Economies of scale mean that it does not make any sense to have two processing plants on theisland for most foods; that could be threatened by a hard border.   而规模经济意味着有两个加工厂对食物进行加工是没有任何意义的,这可能会受到强硬边境政策威胁。   To complicate matters, food and drink have always been among the most sensitive productsin the EU.   更糟的是,食物和饮品在欧盟地区的进出口是最易受影响的。   Michel Barnier, the European Commission's Brexit negotiator, has said flatly that after Brexit100% of imports of animals and animal products from Britain will be subject to bordercontrols.   米歇尔·巴尼耶是欧盟委员会关于英国脱欧的谈判专家,他说过英国脱欧后所有的进口的牲畜和与其相关的产品将进行边境控制。   If a putative free-trade deal with America were ever to come about, Britain might well allow theimport of chlorine-washed chicken and genetically modified foods.   假定英国和美国之间的自由贸易协定会生效,那么将使英国可能会允许进口氯洗鸡和转基因食物。   Given the public's hostility to these things, nobody in Brussels could possibly risk letting themcross into the EU by the back door of the Irish border.   鉴于公众对于这些事情的敌对情绪,欧盟不可能冒着风险让这些食物走爱尔兰边境的“后门”从而进入欧盟地区。     重点词组:   1.custom check 关税检查   例句:The courier assist the tourist at the customcheck point.   导游员帮助游客通过海关检查通道。   2.go over 越过   例句:My hope is that, in the future, I will go over there and marry her.   我的希望是将来能去那里和她结婚。   3.security checks 安检   例句:Plainly, a great deal of extra time will be needed for the security checks.   很明显,安全检查需要很多额外的时间。   4.in effect 实际上;生效   例句:That deal would create, in effect, the world's biggest airline.   事实上,这一协议将促成世界最大航空公司的成立。   5.deal with 处理   例句:When I worked in Florida I dealt with Britishpeople all the time.   在佛罗里达工作时,我总与英国人有生意往来。   6.come about 发生   例句:That came about when we went to Glastonbury last year.   那是我们去年去格拉斯顿伯里的时候发生的事。   7.the back door 后门   例句:I avoided meeting her by leaving by the back door.   我从后门离去以免和她相见。   8.make sense 有意义;讲得通   例句:There are some stylistic elements in the statue that just don't make sense.   这座雕像上的一些风格元素让人完全捉摸不透。     相关推荐:   双语阅读 服装零售:被遗忘的大多数   双语阅读 支付:收购者被收购   双语阅读 欧盟VS谷歌:并不如意 2

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